It’s in the safety of trusting relationships that anything becomes possible. You can reach heights you never dreamed of. You can leave your indelible mark on the world. Making the climb takes work. There are rewards each step of the way. The closer you approach the summit the more inspired you are to get a glimpse of the view at the top. And what a view it is–you simply can’t put a price on the feeling of satisfaction that comes from living out your values and building meaningful relationships.



We’ve had the honor to work with organizations who have chosen to engage us to help them make their climb to the summit. Whether inspired by a growth opportunity, shift in leadership, financial struggle, or aligning of cultures post acquisition, creating a strong foundation on company purpose and shared values is absolutely critical first step in the ascent. Working with the people who lead and work in these organizations brings us great joy because we have witnessed personal and professional transformation as we’ve walked the journey together.


Success Stories

It’s in the safety of trusting relationships that anything becomes possible. You can reach heights you never dreamed of. Your business can leave its indelible mark on the world. Here are stories of companies that have made the climb with Higher Ground and the wonderful outcomes they enjoyed.


Hilton Garden Inn

Helping a hospitality company find a meaningful way to connect with their guests helped improve loyalty and revenue.


Irvine Company

One of the largest property development and management companies reestablishes its market leadership while building a new legacy.


Galardi Group

After a change in management, the parent company of the world’s largest hot dog chain reestablishes trust by going back to its values


Find Real Joy

Everyone of us wants to serve more than a bottom line. We want to come to work each day knowing that our personal values and professional values can be one in the same. We want to know that we make a difference. That our work is meaningful. In the end, who we are at work is more important than what we do for work. By knowing and living our values each day we discover the most illusive of all rewards–joy. The joy that comes from discovering your why. The joy that comes from being true to your values. The joy that comes from leaving behind a fingerprint of good. The joy that comes from choosing higher ground.